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Finger Tips Quick Start Guide Welcome to iPhone. This Quick...

Finger tips, Quick start guide

Finger Tips

Quick Start Guide

Welcome to iPhone.

This Quick Start guide tells you how to set up

your iPhone and use its key features. To start,

turn on your iPhone by pressing and holding

the On/Off button for a few seconds. Then

follow the onscreen instructions to set up

your iPhone.

Button basics.

To turn off or restart iPhone, press and hold

the On/Off button for a few seconds, then drag

the slider to confirm. To turn off the screen but

still receive calls, press On/Off once. Press the

Home button at any time to return to the Home

screen. To quickly switch between recently used

apps, double-click the Home button and tap

an app icon.


Ask Siri to make a call, respond to text

messages, get directions, schedule reminders

and meetings, and much more. With the screen

on, bring iPhone up to your ear or press and

hold the Home button. If you’re using a headset,

press and hold the center button. After the

tone, speak naturally. Siri will listen and then

answer. For more examples of how it can help

you, ask Siri “What can you do?”


When you receive a notification, it appears

briefly at the top of the screen without

interrupting what you’re doing. Ignore it or

tap it to respond right away. To see a summary

of your recent notifications, swipe down from

the top of any screen. You can access a new

notification from the Lock screen by sliding

its icon to the right.


Tap the Messages icon to send an iMessage

to other iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users

running iOS 5, or to send an SMS or MMS

to other mobile phone users. Type a name

or phone number in the To field or select

someone from your contacts. Type your

message, then tap Send. To send photos

or video, tap the Camera button.

Make a call.

Tap a phone number in Contacts, Favorites,

an email, a text message, or almost anywhere

in iPhone to make a call. Or open the Phone

app and tap the Keypad button to dial

manually. To silence an incoming call, press

the On/Off button once. To send a call directly

to voicemail, press On/Off twice. To answer

a call while using the iPhone headset, press

the center button once. Press it again to end

your call.


Select someone from your contacts and tap

the FaceTime button to start a video call with

another iPhone user or an iPad, iPod touch, or

Mac user. Or while you’re on a voice call, tap

FaceTime to begin a video call. During a video

call, tap the Camera button to switch to the

rear camera and share your surroundings.

Requires a FaceTime-enabled device for both caller and recipient.

Intelligent keyboard.

iPhone automatically corrects and suggests

words as you type. So if you tap a wrong letter,

just keep typing. To accept the suggested word,

tap the space bar. Or tap the “x” to ignore the

suggestion. The keyboard automatically inserts

apostrophes in contractions. If you tap the space

bar twice, it adds a period. You can double-tap

a word to look it up in the dictionary. To dictate

rather than type, tap the Microphone button.

Cut, copy, and paste.

Tap the text you want to edit, or touch and

hold to bring up the magnifying glass, then

slide your finger to move the insertion point.

You can select a word by double-tapping it,

and select more or less text by dragging the

grab points. Then tap to cut, copy, or paste.

To copy text from web pages, email, or text

messages, touch and hold to select the text,

then tap Copy.







Finger Tips Quick Start Guide Welcome to iPhone. This Quick...

Not all features are available in all areas.TM and...

Page 2

Not all features are available in all areas.
TM and © 2011 Apple Inc. Designed by Apple in California.

Printed in China. 034-5990-A

Learn more.

Learn more about iPhone features



For the iPhone User Guide and important

information, visit


. To view the guide on iPhone,

download it from the iBookstore or use

the Safari bookmark.

Get support.

Contact your wireless service provider for

support on network services, voicemail,

and billing. Visit


for support on iPhone and iTunes.


Tap the Photos icon on the Home screen to

see your pictures. Flick right or left to move

between images. Double-tap or pinch to zoom.

Tap once to bring up the onscreen controls.

You can edit or enhance a photo, share it,

print it, and more. If you have Photo Stream

enabled in iCloud, new pictures you take are

automatically pushed to all your other devices.


From the Lock screen, double-click the Home

button to quickly access the camera, or tap

the Camera icon on the Home screen. Adjust

focus and exposure by tapping anyone or

anything on the screen. To take a picture,

tap the Camera button or press the Volume

Up button. To record HD video, set the switch

to Video, then tap the Record button. Tap it

again to stop recording.

Cars 2 will be available on iTunes beginning November 1, 2011. Cars 2 © Disney/Pixar.

*Requires second-generation Apple TV.

Video and song controls.

While playing music or watching a movie,

tap anywhere on the screen to bring up the

controls. Tap again to hide them. To stream

your music or video to an Apple TV, tap the

AirPlay button.* From the Lock screen, you

can double-click the Home button to quickly

access your audio controls.

See the web up close.

In Safari, double-tap any element on a web

page—picture or text—to zoom in. Double-

tap again to zoom back out. Rotate iPhone

to see the web in widescreen. Tap the Reader

button at the top of the screen to view an

article without clutter. Tap the Multi-page

button to flick between multiple web pages

or open a new one.

Google, the Google logo, and Google Maps are trademarks of Google Inc.

© 2011. All rights reserved.

Find location. Search surroundings.

To see where you are on a map, tap the

Location button. A blue dot appears at your

current position. To see which way you’re

facing, tap the Location button again to turn

on compass view. Find places around you

by typing words like “Starbucks” or “pizza”

in the search field. Double-tap to zoom in.

Tap once with two fingers to zoom out. You

can also get directions or tap the Page Curl

button for additional map views.

App Store.

Tap the App Store icon to browse hundreds

of thousands of apps in categories like games,

business, travel, social networking, and more.

Browse by Featured, Categories, or Top 25 or

search by name. To purchase and download

an app directly to your iPhone, tap Buy Now.

Many apps are free.

iTunes Store.

You can access the iTunes Store by tapping

the iTunes icon. Search the store for music,

movies, TV shows, music videos, and more.

Browse, purchase, and download from the

store directly to your iPhone. Tap any item

to hear or see a preview.

Create folders. Organize apps.

Touch and hold any app icon until it starts

to jiggle. Then drag one app onto another

to create a folder. Folders are automatically

named by category, or you can rename

them. You can customize your Home screen

by dragging apps and folders to different

positions and screens. When you’re done,

press the Home button.


iCloud stores your music, photos, apps,

calendars, documents, and more. It’s seamlessly

integrated into your apps and wirelessly pushes

your content to all your devices. Tap the Settings

icon and choose iCloud to turn on Photo Stream

and other iCloud features. You can also download

music and apps you’ve previously purchased

from the iTunes Store and the App Store.

Not all features are available in all areas.TM and...


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